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“Advertise Here”

Last Updated on December 11, 2015

Did you notice the “Advertise Here” link in your empty advertisement placements? They appear by default. But, should you find yourself wanting to remove it, or even customize what it says, then check out the tutorials below. You can customized the look and feel of the information displayed when no advertisement is being displayed by default.

How can I remove the “Advertise Here” box that appears on my site?

You will just click on the “Actions” dropdown next to the zone you’d like to remove the “Advertise Here” boxes from and select “Ad Code.” You’ll see a “Show Ad Here” checkbox toward the bottom of this page. Uncheck this box and save your changes, and the “Advertise Here” placeholders will disappear.

Important Note: We highly recommend keeping the “Advertise Here” banner on your site because we have found that this encourages more sales when it is displayed. This is because it gives your site’s visitors an easy way to see where an ad is located on your website and it lets them know that a particular spot is available. This also allows them to easily and quickly purchase the ad when clicking on the banner.

Many publishers prefer to add our ad sales widget to an advertising page on their site. It’s a simple line of code that embeds your entire marketplace listing on your own site. You can learn how to do this, here.

How do I customize the “Advertise Here” banner on my site?

You can style the “Advertise Here” box using CSS to look more integrated with your site. We have a tutorial about this┬áhere.

Is there a way to display a CTR average for my zones on my marketplace listing?

We do not publicly display CTR estimates since the results can be very different for each ad, depending on several factors outside of a Publisher’s control. An ad’s CTR is greatly influenced by the creative of the ad, what the ad is selling or offering, if the audience of each website is interested in that ad, etc.