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Last Updated on September 30, 2016

Below is a list of questions that don’t fit into other groups of information in our guide, but that will certainly clear up some questions you may have about approving advertisements, subdomain usage, and other things like our policy on foreign language websites. It’s worth poking through here if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for…

How can I tell how many advertisers are on a waiting list for one of my sold out zones?

Advertisers can subscribe to zones that are sold out through our waiting list feature. When there are advertisers waiting for a spot in a zone, you will see the number of advertisers waiting next to your zone title in your dashboard. When the spot becomes available, the advertisers on the list are notified by email so they can purchase if they are still interested.

Why did the advertisers disappear from my waiting list?

When you have advertisers on your waiting list, our system automatically emails them the second an ad spot is available.

Advertisers are removed from the waiting list as soon as they’re notified.

Can a publisher have multiple websites under one account?

Yes. Each website will have to be submitted and approved separately, and they will all appear in your dashboard. In your publisher dashboard, you will click on the ‘plus’ icon in the navigation bar at the top left, and then you will see a drop-down menu. Select “Add Property” where you can submit an additional property for review.

Please keep in mind that while the earnings from each property will be kept separate, we’re only able to pay out to one person per account. If you need revenue from different sites to go to different people, you may want to create a separate account for each site.

Are subdomains allowed, and how do I submit those for approval?

We are not able to accept subdomains as separate properties, although you can set up different ad zones for each subdomain on your current property. For example, you could create a zone called “[Subdomain Name 1] Leaderboard” that appears on that subdomain, and “[Subdomain Name 2] Leaderboard” that appears on the next subdomain, etc. Then you will just install those zones on their specific subdomains and indicate in the zone description that those ads only appear on that specific subdomain. 🙂

If your main domain has not been approved yet, you will just need to submit it for review, and if it is approved, you can start setting up the zones for your subdomains.

Do you accept foreign language sites?

Our network primarily consists of English websites, although in rare cases we may be able to accept a non-English website if we believe it is a good fit for our network.

What’s the lowest number of impressions an Advertiser can purchase?

We have a series of rules that dictate how low an Advertiser can go when they’re purchasing impressions in a CPM zone.

No Geo Targeting:

  • Default minimum is $50 worth of impressions or 1% of the total, whichever is greatest.
  • A publisher-set minimum trumps all.
  • Round minimum up to nearest 10k.
  • If the calculated minimum is greater than the available quantity, the minimum is the available quantity (i.e., all impressions). This makes it so you’re able to sell out all your impressions, even if you only have a small number left.

Geo Targeting:

  • The logic is the same as buys without geo targeting, except regarding publisher-set minimums. For geo targeted buys, a publisher-set minimum trumps only if it’s smaller than the default minimum.

The estimated impressions for my site are lower than they appear in Google. Why is this?

There are several factors that can make our stats lower here than in Google Analytics. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Our stats only count the pages that have the ad code installed correctly on your site, so if there are some sections or pages where you do not have your ad code installed or some pages in which the ad code is not installed correctly, then impressions on those pages will not be counted.
  • Our counts exclude impressions from people using browsers with ad blockers turned on, so those impressions will not be counted. To determine how many of your visitors are using ad blockers, check out our guide here.
  • Our counts and Google’s counts are not for the same period. When our system estimates impressions for the first time, it calculates the first seven days worth of data and then multiplies that amount by 4 to give an estimate for the first month. After you have been in our system for more than a month, then the impressions from the previous 30 day period are presented, so our counts are not for the current time frame that you see in Google.
  • If you have your Google Analytics tracking code installed twice, it can double your counts at Google, which is not the correct count.
  • If you have your ad code installed incorrectly, it can cause counting issues. You cannot have the STEP 1 code twice in a page, and the STEP 1 code must be just after the opening tag of your site.
  • If you have your “Max Banners” in a zone set to an amount greater than the “Banners” displayed in that zone, then it reduces the number of estimated impressions for each advertiser since ads in that zone will be rotated. This also creates a lower amount of estimated impressions displayed for that zone on your Ad Detail page – which will also be lower than the total impressions of your site that you see in Google Analytics.
  • You may have your Google stats setup to track page-altering actions instead of page refreshes alone. Since we only track page refreshes for impression counts, your counts in Google could be higher for this reason. You will want to check for instances of “_trackPageview” and its variants, such as:
ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, location.pathname); (You can read more about Google’s page tracking here.)

Unless you are also triggering a refresh of the ads served by BSA at the same time you trigger Google Analytics’ “_trackPageview” then our estimates will vary greatly.

Our counts are more accurate than Google’s counts for the purpose of selling our ads since we only count the pages with the ad code installed properly, and we only count impressions for those without ad blockers.

This protects advertisers from being given impression estimates that are more than what they may receive.

If none of the above applies to you, please open a Support Ticket and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Are page impressions the same as page views?

Yes. Page impressions are the same as page views.

Information for Your Privacy Policy

Privacy laws across the globe require operators of commercial websites to disclose the fact that they collect, use and retain personal data. This is usually done in a document called the privacy policy.

A detailed privacy policy includes the following information:

  • Who you are (identity, contact details)
  • What kind of personal data is collected.
  • Describe how this information will be used by the company.
  • Describe how this information will be transferred to third party companies.
  • Provide instructions on how users can modify or delete their personal information.
  • Provide instructions on how users can opt-out of future communications.
  • Identify its effective date and outline how you notify people of material changes to your privacy policy.

The link to your privacy policy should be made readily accessible on a website, usually in the site’s footer since that’s where a user can find it without looking for it for too long (on every page).

BuySellAds itself makes use of cookies and usage data to help provide our service to you.

The safest way to write privacy policies is to hire a lawyer to craft them for you. There are other helpful tools out there such as the international solution iubenda that comes with a BuySellAds clause out of the box. They are also happy to help out with customizations and terms if needed.

How can I have my site listed under “What’s Hot?

The “What’s Hot?” sites are determined by an automated algorithm that measures factors such as sales volume, CTR, traffic, etc. We are not able to manually adjust these listings.

I sold my website. How do I transfer the property to another account?

To request that a property be transferred to another account, please fill out a support request with the following information:

  • URL of the property you wish to transfer.
  • The email address for the account you wish to transfer the property to.

We may also request additional information before approving the transfer. Once the transfer is made, all future funds for ads sold on the property will be deposited into the new owner’s account.

It is also important to ensure that the new owner will continue to display any ads that are currently live on the site that have already been paid to you. If the new owner removes ads before their cycles are complete, then you would be liable for those refunds. It is important that you include this in your contract with the new owner.