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Ad Serving & 3rd Party Tools

Last Updated on January 4, 2019

Thinking about maximizing your earnings potential by taking advantage of other Ad Serving tools? We fully integrate with services like AdSense. Below, you can find the details you’re looking for on our integration capabilities, as well as how you should go about configuring those tools.

Can I also serve ads from other networks or sell my ads while using your service?

You are welcome to use ads from other networks or sell your ads; we only ask that you keep at least one of your BuySellAds zones in perfect placement on your page.

Most of our advertisers check out each zone before they purchase, and we’ll be highly ineffective if we don’t have access to at least one premium unit.

You can even add other ad networks as backfill, so we show those networks whenever we haven’t made a sale.

Do you allow backup tags from other ad networks such as Adsense?

Yes! If you installed the BuySellAds code directly on your site, you can add backup tags from other networks (like Google Adsense) via your BuySellAds account. Whenever we haven’t made a sale, we’ll automatically show the other networks’ ads, so you’re making money with every impression.

You may also be interested in our Unreserved program if you are looking for ways to increase your ad revenue on impressions that aren’t sold directly.

Can I serve Google Adsense or in-house ads on my site via BuySellAds?

You can use what we call “backfill“, which will display whatever ads you’d like whenever a paid ad isn’t displaying.

To add house ads (or other 3rd party networks) to your zones, go to your publisher dashboard and click the “Actions” drop-down menu for the zone you would like to add backfill on and select “Backfill“.

On the backfill page, you will be able to enter up to 5 different backfill codes, and adjust their serving percentages accordingly. If you have an ad image you’d like displayed, simply add the HTML for the image to one of these slots. You can also add other ad networks (such as Google Adsense).

Where did the backfill option go?

Your backfill options will disappear if you join our Unreserved program because your backfill is being handled by our very capable Unreserved team. You can still use passback tags and CPM floors to pass impressions back and forth between different ad networks.

Backfill / “Advertise Here” is not appearing for my 125×125 fixed-price zone. Why is that?

Unless Banners displayed is equal to Max Banners, the backfill or “Advertise Here” placeholders for fixed-price zones will only appear when there are no ads sold in the zone yet. If you have one or more ads sold in that zone, the backfill or “Advertise Here” will not appear.