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Native Ad Network FAQ

Last Updated on May 2, 2018

Do I need a BuySellAds account to sign up for the Native Network?

You don’t need a BuySellAds account to start serving ads, but you’ll need a BuySellAds account to receive earnings every month.

What is the main difference between and

Native is built on for tracking clicks, impressions, and earnings. As a publisher, you’ll mainly check earnings and track performance on this page.

Marketplace is built on, including where you can submit new properties to be sold directly to other advertisers. The main website is where you manage earnings from the Native network. You’ll only use to request a cash out.

How often do I receive earnings?

We deposit earnings directly to your BuySellAds account once per month, usually before the 15th. There is no minimum threshold. You can check your transaction history at

How do I request a cash out?

You can request a cash out from You can learn more about cashing out by visiting BuySellAds Cashing Out FAQ.