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Discounting Your Ads

Last Updated on July 8, 2016

Want to provide a discount to your advertisers? We can do that. In fact, it’s pretty simple to set up. All the information you need is in this document. Follow along below, and you’ll be providing discounts to your favourite advertisers in no time at all.

Can publishers offer discounts or sales?

You sure can!

Log in to your BSA account and mouse over your email address in the upper right hand corner. From there, click on Dashboard. On the left side of the page, mouse over Properties and select which site you would like to edit. Click your selected site, and then an option for Discount Codes will appear in that same column.

Here is a summary of your options on this page:

  • Discount Code: This is the name of your discount. (i.e. September Sale)
  • Discount Amount: This represents the percentage amount of your discount. (i.e. 25% or 50%).
  • At what price will the ad renew? You can allow ads to renew at the discounted price, or they can renew at the normal price.
  • When will the code stop working in shopping carts? You will just need to choose the date that you want this discount to end. Or you can leave this blank if you would like this discount to remain indefinitely.
  • How many times can the code be redeemed in shopping carts? The discount code will stop working when it has been redeemed this many times or when it hits the expiration date (entered above) – whichever comes first. Leave this blank for unlimited usage.
  • List this discount publicly in the BuySellAds marketplace? Check this box if you want your discount displayed in our public marketplace. You can only have one of your discount codes displayed publicly at a time. You can see examples of public discounts at BuySellAds.

Can I discount an ad at 100% or offer the ad for free?

No. The most you can discount an advertisement is 75%. However, you can set a house ad as backfill within CPM zones.

This means that any time you don’t have an ad running in the zone, we’ll show the free ad.