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Other Supported Ad Servers

Last Updated on April 27, 2016

We integrate with DoubleClick for Publishers, Adzerk, and Open X. What are the benefits of each? Well, below is a compilation of information available on the major ad servers we currently integrate with, as well as details on what level of integration you can expect from DFP, Adzerk, and Open X when it come to BuySellAds.


How do I connect my BuySellAds account with Adzerk?

We have a tutorial here that will walk you through this process.

My property is connected with AdZerk, although my ads are serving very slowly.

This is a result of natural fluctuations and pacing due to the way our system pushes ads to AdZerk, which is something we’re actively attempting to improve. Pacing should speed up as the campaign nears the end, and complete the full impressions numbers.

I set up Adzerk correctly, although impression estimates are not appearing for my zones.

If you believe everything is set up correctly, then you may also want to ensure that you are not using any old / incorrect keywords in Adzerk. If so, please remove those and this should start working. Although if not, please let me know.

Open X

If you are using OpenX, please select “OpenX” from the “Ad Server Connection” drop-down menu on your Property Settings page. Then follow the instructions and complete the form displayed. After this is done, and OpenX is successfully connected, you can connect each OpenX zone to your newly created BSA zones.