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Configure Categorical Targeting

Last Updated on February 26, 2016

In addition to geographic, and metro targeting, publishers can also set modifiers for popular publication categories within Self-Serve Direct. It’s as simple as setting up multiple categories, selecting your price modifier, and then tying the category target to a specific DFP Zone.

If you haven’t configured it yet, you will need to connect DFP to BuySellAds before you continue.

Steps For Enabling Categorical Targeting

  1. Log In to Your BuySellAds Account.

    BuySellAds Login Button
  2. Navigate To Your Inventory Page.

    Select Inventory From Menu
  3. Find The Ad Zone You Would Like To Update With Category Targeting. Click the gear icon and select Settings

    Edit The Ad Zone
  4. In The New Window, Click The Advanced Targeting Tab.

  5. Check The Enable Category Targeting Box.

  6. Enter The Name Of Your Category (I.E., Technology), Value Of Your Price Modifier (I.E., $15.00)

    Note: All price modifier values are CPM-based. They will be applied in addition to your existing CPM rates for a particular ad zone.

  7. Select The DFP Zone From The Dfp Zone Drop Down

  8. Click The ‘Save Targeting Options’ Button.

To add a second category, select the Add Another Category button below your listings, and continue the processes using the steps highlighted above. Once complete, click Save Targeting Options.