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Last Updated on July 8, 2016

Some things just keep coming up again and again. You’ve probably managed to see a few terms fly by your screen from time to time that make you wonder what exactly we’re talking about. Things like ‘CPM‘ and ‘impressions‘ constantly come up, but out of content they probably don’t mean much to you. In this section of the guide, we’ll be keeping a running log of popular terms that keep popping up.

What do “banners” and “max banners” mean?

Banners are the number of ads that will be visible at one time. For example, if you’d like to have 4 125×125 ads appear on your site, you’d need to set banners to 4. If you wanted to just have 2, you’d set it to 2.

Max banners is the number of banners that can be purchased in the visible slots. For example, if you wanted 4 125×125’s to be visible on your site at a time, but you wanted to make 8 available, you’d set banners to 4, and max banners to 8. In this example, there would be 8 125×125’s, but only 4 would be visible at a time. Each 125×125 would rotate between 2 different ads.

What are estimated impressions?

The estimated impressions you see on site detail pages are gathered by our ad code. They are the estimated page impressions (also known as page views) for a specific ad zone based on the last 30 days worth of data. When we have less than 30 days worth of data, we make a best guess using the formula ( impressions gathered / number of days ad code has been installed ) x 30.

Per 1K Imps – What does it mean?

Per 1K Imps. is the same thing as CPM or Cost Per Mille. Let’s use an example to understand better how this works for advertisers:
Example Website is selling ads with a cost Per 1K Imps (CPM). The CPM in our case is $1.25. If you’d like to purchase, let’s say 100,000 impressions, the total cost would be 100 x 1.25 = $125. Or, 100,000 x 1.25 / 1,000 = $125. That’s it!

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What is the Google UTM URL Builder?

This allows you to track your campaign in Google also. You can also read more about this here.

What do impressions refer to?

Impressions (aka page impressions or page views) refer to when a page is visited or refreshed. So if you were to refresh a page 3 times, this would count as 3 impressions. If your ad appeared on that page for those 3 impressions, then your ad would receive 3 impressions. This does not refer to clicks – only page loads or refreshes.