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Last Updated on June 16, 2016

A lot goes into managing your advertisement placements, but sometimes categorizing our support documents can be a bit difficult due to the breadth of information we’re commonly asked. In this document you’ll find everything from information on selecting your impression quotas, as well as a few other answers surrounding renewals, and policies.

Can I choose the amount of impressions that I want to purchase?

As an advertiser using BuySellAds, you have the ability to purchase various amounts of your choosing, typically in increments of 50,000. Some publishers have set minimum purchase amounts for their sites— you can see these by selecting the dropdown list in the Quantity column of your shopping cart. Maximum impression amounts are entirely dependent on your budget.

Is there a minimum amount required to purchase an ad?

As of September 2015, the minimum purchase in our network is $50. Some ads may still be offered below this amount if it is a fixed-price spot or if the publisher setup the ad spot before September 2015.

I am concerned about ad blockers. How will they affect the ads I purchase here?

No worries! The impressions estimated for spots already exclude impressions from visitors using ad blockers. We
do not count impressions from visitors using ad blockers, and we do not display your ad for those impressions.

Why do I have to accept a subscription agreement if I only want to run an ad for 30 days?

All of our ads are set up to renew every 30 days. For this reason, a subscription is created by default. If you only wish to run the ad for one cycle of 30 days, you can simply cancel the renewal after the purchase. You can do this by mousing over the ad on your Campaigns page in your Dashboard and clicking the “X” icon that appears. You are not ceasing your current ads by doing this— just preventing them from renewing again.

Why am I billed before the renewal date?

The BuySellAds billing and ad cycles are independent of each other: the billing cycle begins as soon as an ad purchase is made, and the ad cycle begins as soon as the ad starts serving. Since publishers are given a 24 hour window to review ads before they go live, this can mean the two cycles will be a day or two apart.

I noticed that the zone I am in has a higher price now. Will I have to pay this new price?

When BuySellAds publishers change the price of ads on their site, they have two options: they can either allow advertisers with active campaigns to remain grandfathered in at the original rate, or they can request for all advertisers to pay the new price. Should they request the later, you will be notified via email. You then have the ability to decide whether or not you wish to renew at the new, higher price.

How do I print invoices for my transactions?

To print invoices for your transactions, mouse over your email address in the top right corner and select “Transaction History” from the dropdown list. On the Transaction History page you will find a list of your payments. Click on the Transaction ID of the payment in question— a transaction detail page will appear with a field for you to input your name and company name. After doing that, just click the green “Print Invoice” button in the top right corner.

Manage or Modify Your Payment Method

On the heels of the release of our new integration with PayPal, we have added a much needed set of features allowing advertisers to more easily manage their subscriptions with BSA. For most eCommerce sites, this sort of feature set is normal; however, they are typically dealing with static one-off payment structures. With BSA, ads are sold as subscriptions, and the recurring nature of our payment model makes things a bit more complicated. With a standard credit card integration we could have done this a long time ago, but things get a little more complicated when you add PayPal into the mix. That being said, the ability for advertisers to manage payment methods with ease is another big step forward for BSA, and we are psyched to have this out there (hint: it cuts down on support tickets!).

As you might notice below, bundled with this was a quick redesign of the “subscription detail page”, the introduction of a new style modal window, a new button style, and a cleanup of some table styles / credit card icons (which will soon be applied throughout the site).

Do you offer discounts on ads?

Some publishers in our network offer discounts via coupon codes. You can see those here –