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Save Images To Your Creative Library

Last Updated on December 29, 2015

BuySellAds has a new Creative Library to help advertisers with faster checkout times, less mouse clicks, and more efficient organization.

The main features of the library are:

  • ability to save and reuse creatives (image, URL, and alt text) from purchase to purchase.
  • placeholder macros for URL analytics.
  • dedicated page in admin dashboard where you can manage all creatives you have added.

Adding Creatives To Your Library

If you do not have any creatives in your account yet, you can simply add a new zone to your cart, and during the checkout process we will walk you through adding a new creative along with the alternate text and the destination URL.

At the bottom of the “upload creative” page, there is a checkbox labeled “Save to Creative Library“. Checking this will automatically add your creative along with the alt text and URL to your library and you will be able to reuse this creative in a future campaign/purchase.

Importing Creatives From Your Library

Once you have some creatives in your library, you will notice a new “Import from Creative Library” button when you purchase an ad and upload a creative.

Clicking this button will open up a box that displays all the creatives that fit the size of the ad you are currently setting up.

For example, if you have some 300×250, 728×90 and 125×125 creatives in your library and you are buying a 300×250 ad, the 728×90 and 125×125 creatives will not be visible/selectable in that box.

Simply select a creative and you will notice that the preview, alt text field, and destination URL field are now filled out.. You can edit the alt text and URL if you want.


Placeholders are values that you can use in your destination URL that, when saved to the library and re-used later, automatically pull pre-defined information into your URL field.

For example, ##site## will be automatically replaced by the name of the website from which you are purchasing an ad.

Many advertisers use Google Analytics for tracking clicks and need to use specific values in their UTM URLs. This process can often be quite time consuming and involve a lot of copy-pasting in order to get the correct URLs for each ad you are purchasing. BSA Placeholders automates this process.

Here’s an example of a normal Google Analytics UTM URL:

All those values can be replaced by placeholders, so every time you purchase a new ad and use an existing creative, you can enter a UTM URL for you like this:

This is especially useful if you load your cart with many creatives or you are launching a large campaign – entering one creative with placeholders in the URL and reusing it is faster than entering all the URLs, alt text and uploading images for every single creative.

Creative Library Dashboard

Once you have many creatives in your account, you can see all of them in your dashboard:

And clicking on any of the thumbnails will give you more information about each creative:

If you would like to remove a creative from your library you can simply click the “archive” button and it will be removed from your library. Note that if the creative you are archiving is currently live in a campaign, it will be removed from the library, but not from the campaign and it will keep running until the campaign ends.