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Last Updated on December 14, 2015

Why are there differences in the clicks / stats in my Google Analytics account and the clicks you are tracking in the dashboard?

It may be that Google is picking up on clicks that we are filtering (bot clicks, etc). This also happens in reverse – when Google filters out clicks that we may still count. Since we are different companies with different systems in place, it is likely that there will be differences in the results you see. We strive to display the most accurate clicks possible based on the stats that we track.

Clicks from my RSS ad in my account are not matching in Google Analytics. Why is that?

For RSS ads, many clicks will show up in Google as direct clicks and not as tracked, referred clicks since many are viewing from desktop RSS readers, email programs, etc. For those applications, Google does not have a referrer so it cannot track those clicks. It really depends on the audience and what they are using to view RSS feeds when clicking on those ads. There could be many clicks that are not tracked in Google, but that are tracked by our system via our ad code.