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Ad Approvals

Last Updated on December 18, 2015

Ad approvals can often be a sticky wicket. Sometimes it’s a technical problem, and sometimes it’s may be a creative or publisher situation. In either case, the information below will help you navigate those waters and answer any questions you may have about the approval process.

I just purchased an ad, but I do not see this ad in my account dashboard yet.

When you purchase an ad, the publisher has 24 hours to approve the ad. Once the ad is approved and is live, it will appear in your dashboard.

Why did the publisher deny my ad without requesting a change to be made?

When a publisher reviews and ad, they are given two options to deny: The publisher can request that changes be made or the publisher can deny the ad completely without requesting any changes. If you received a refund for an ad that was denied, then this means that the publisher did not want your ad to appear on their website and did not want to request changes.

How long will it take for my ad to go live?

The publisher has 24 hours to accept or deny your ad, and as soon as he/she approves it, your ad will go live. Sometimes this wait takes a little longer than others. It depends on how quickly the publisher approves it. If no action is taken by the publisher within 24 hours, then it is up to us to approve at that time.

Why wasn’t my ad approved over the weekend?

Many publishers are only employed during the week, so it is more difficult to review and approve an ad over the weekend. Because of this, we have extended the approval time for an ad that overlaps a weekend approval so that the publisher can have time to review on Monday.

Please keep in mind that this time extension for review over a weekend will not affect your 30-day campaign. Our system starts counting the days in your campaign only after your ad is approved and live on the site – so you will always get the full 30 days for your campaign.

I purchased an ad, but it is not appearing on the site.

There may be a few reasons for this:

  • If it says “Pending” next to the ad in your account, this means that the publisher has not yet approved the ad. The publisher has 24 hours to approve or deny your ad.
  • If it says “Live” next to the ad in your account and you also see that impressions and/or clicks have been tracked for the ad so far, then it may be that you are looking in the wrong location on the site, or that you are not waiting for the site to completely load. Our ads are setup to load after the contents of the site have loaded, so make sure you give the site enough time to load. If the site seems to be taking too long to load, or if you still can’t find your ad, please let us know so we can assist you with this.
  • If it says “Live” next to the ad in your account and you also see that there are 0 impressions tracked for your ad so far, this usually means that the ad code on that site has been accidentally removed. In this case, you will want to let us know as soon as possible so we can contact the publisher to resolve the issue. If the issue is resolved, we will extend your campaign to make up for the lost time. If it cannot be resolved, you will receive a refund.
  • If the ad is live and tracking impressions and/or clicks, and if you see the zone where your ad should be appearing, then the ad zone may be a rotated zone. This means that the website receives a large amount of impressions, and that particular zone shares the spot with other advertisers in a rotation. You will still receive the promised amount of impressions for your purchase, but it may be difficult to see your ad appear, even after refreshing the page several times.

Sometimes my ad doesn’t appear, and other ads appear where mine should be. Why is this?

Some ads are setup in a rotation with other ads. This means that your ad shares a space with one or more ads from other advertisers. You will still get the impressions that were estimated for the space when you purchased it, but you will not see your ad on every visit or page refresh.

Can I reserve or schedule an ad for a campaign that I will be launching soon?

A 30-day, fixed-price ad will go live within 24 hours of payment, and those types of ads cannot be scheduled in advance.

Although CPM ads ($X per 1k imps) can be scheduled in advance. When you are on the “Upload Creative” page during the purchase of a CPM ad, you will see a “Schedule this Ad” option just above the “Save” button. Just click on this to schedule the ad.

How do I cancel an ad?

Canceling an so that it doesn’t renew is simple.  First, login to your account and go to your Campaigns dashboard (screenshot below).   Here you will see a list of the ads you have purchased.

Now find the site that you don’t want your ad to renew on, and hover over the name.  When you do you will see an “X” icon appear next to the website name.  Now just click on this “X” icon to stop the ad from renewing in the next ad cycle.

Note: Clicking on this will not end the current cycle you are in. It will just prevent the ad from renewing for the next cycle.  If you do not click this before your current 30 days is up, your ad will automatically renew for another 30 days.

Another very nice feature we were able to add this week on the heels of the new PayPal integration is the ability for advertisers to “resubscribe” to an ad.

“Resubscribe” To Ads

An ad is not performing well in the first week of a users 30-day subscription, the user cancels the ad. Towards the end of the 30 days the ad starts to perform well and the user wants to reverse the decision to cancel the ad. It’s very simple, on the ad detail page and the subscription detail page, there is a link for advertisers to “resubscribe” to an ad.

Unfortunately, we have to regularly blacklist certain domains and links from being used in our network because of issues with ads from those domains containing inappropriate content, low-quality content, malware links, service scams, etc. If you are receiving a message that the URL you are trying to use is blacklisted, this means that we cannot accept links from that domain for your ad. You will need to use a different link that is not blacklisted.