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Sales Attribution Tracking

Last Updated on November 16, 2016

The first way you can take advantage of the tracking URL is through the default tracking link, available directly from your BuySellAds dashboard. This URL can be used to access the Self-Serve Direct cart builder, or as a way to send an empty cart recommendation to your potential advertisers who are hoping to explore your publication’s placement possibilities. In both cases, attribution is maintained, and you will receive credit for the sale should the advertiser finish the checkout process and place an order.

The default tracking link, available from your BuySellAds dashboard, is unique and will remain static. You can reuse these links without having to worry about the link expiring.

Here’s how you can access the default tracking link:

  1. Log Into BuySellAds.
    To access the default attribution link your sales team member will have to log into BuySellAds and land on our Dashboard page.

  2. Scroll To The Section Titled Sales Attribution Tracking.
    Once the Dashboard loads, your sales team member will see a list of features they can access, including a section titled, Sales Attribution Tracking.

    A unique Sales Tracking URL will be available to them directly from the Dashboard. This default URL can be used to send empty cart recommendations to customers so that they can explore placement possibilities, or even build their campaigns.

    This link will never expire, and can be refused. Additionally, the unique sales tracking URL can also be used by your sales team members to access the Self- Serve Direct Portal.

  3. Copy The Link And Use It.
    The Attribution Tracking URL link will not expire, and will always be accessible to your sales team members from the BuySellAds dashboard.

    Copy and paste it at will.

  4. Paste That Link Anywhere.

    Just like that.