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Accessing Reports

Last Updated on November 16, 2016

You can access reports, including a cumulative report for your entire sales team, as well as reports from various team members, as long as you have been granted access by an administrator.

Access Your Reports

  1. Click The “Sources” Link In The Sales Tracking URL Sidebar.
    The second fastest way to see reports is from the sidebar link on the Sales Tracking URL page after sending a cart recommendation to a client. Clicking the Sources link will redirect you to the BuySellAds report page within your dashboard.

  2. Or, From Your Dashboard.
    The fastest way, however, is from directly within your dashboard. Clicking on the Reports tab in the navigation bar will bring up a list of both your sales team members, as well as the various sources of earnings across all of the BuySellAds platforms (Marketplace, and Self-Serve Direct). Clicking on a source will reveal a sub-list of revenue sources based on your sales team members. As a case in point, the image above has an expanded view for Self-Serve Direct.