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Connecting DFP Inventory To BuySellAds

Last Updated on November 16, 2016

Now that you have enabled access to the DoubleClick For Publishers API, and connected Self-Serve Direct to your DoubleClick For Publishers account, the last step is configuring your ad inventory and connecting each ad spot to your DoubleClick For Publishers account.

To start connecting your individual ad spots to your DoubleClick For Publishers spots, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log In to Your Self-Serve Direct Account.
    BuySellAds Login Button
  2. Navigate To Your Inventory Page.
    Select Inventory From Menu
  3. Create Self-Serve Direct Units For Your Site By Clicking Add Inventory.
    add inventoryIf you haven’t yet set up your ad zones in your DoubleClick For Publishers account, you’ll need to do so before continuing through this guide. Start by clicking the Add Inventory button, and filling out the information in the form.
  4. To Edit The Ad Zone You Wish To Tie To DoubleClick For Publishers, Click The Gear Icon, Then Settings.
    Edit The Ad Zone On a zone-by-zone basis, you’ll have to tie each ad zone to the appropriate DoubleClick For Publishers zone.
  5. Connect The Self-Serve Direct Unit That You Created With Its Corresponding Unit In DoubleClick For Publishers.
    Connect BuySellAds And DFP UnitsThis pull-down menu will populate with the titles that exist in your DoubleClick For Publishers account. Marry the Self-Serve Direct unit to an appropriateDoubleClick For Publishers ad zone. If you are creating or adjusting a 300×250 unit in your Self-Serve Direct account, you’ll want to select a 300×250 DoubleClick For Publishers unit or placement in the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Save.
    Save Your DFP Targeting OptionsUpdates may take up to 24-hours before appearing in your Self-Serve Direct cart.