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Ad Zone Creation

Last Updated on December 2, 2016

Creating an Ad Zone will require certain information about your placements. For instance, Customers leveraging DFP will need the following information while creating a new Ad Zone with BuySellAds:

  • A Zone Title
  • The DFP Zone Name (For Either A Placement Or Ad Unit)
  • The CPM For Your Zone
  • The Image Size Of Your Zone
  • And The Minimum Quantity You Want To Have Advertisers Purchase

Having that information available before creating your zone will expedite the zone creation process significantly.

Note: Leverage Our Zone Cloning Tools

If you plan on creating several zones for your property with similar targeting segments, we recommend designing one zone as a template and then cloning the zone to create new zones that match your criteria. You can read about the cloning process here.

Create Your New Ad Zone

  1. Log In To BuySellAds
  2. Click Your Username (Top-Right)
  3. Click Inventory Link From The Dropdown
    Inventory Link
  4. Click Add Inventory Button (Top-Right)
    Inventory Link

Configure Your Ad Zone

  1. Select The Medium You Would Like To Add (Website)
  2. Select Your Ad Template From The Drop Down List
  3. (Optional) Choose Your Ad Visibility. Select BSA Marketplace, SSD, Or Both
  4. Add A New Title To Your Ad Zone
  5. Select The Corresponding DFP Ad Unit Or Placement From The Drop Down
  6. Chose The Payment Model (Select CPM)
  7. Set The CPM Price Associated With Your Ad Zone
  8. Select The Location Of The Ad
  9. Select The Size Of Your Creative
  10. Set The The Maximum Share Of Voice
  11. Set The Minimum Number Of Impressions You Plan On Offering Your Advertisers
  12. (Optional) Add Applicable Notes To Your Ad Zone
  13. (Optional) Upload A Screen Of The Ad Location On Your Site
  14. Click ‘Save Zone’