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State Targeting

Last Updated on December 2, 2016

You can enable, or disable, state-level targeting for each ad zone you have configured through BuySellAds. Before you can start, however, you need to connect your ad server to BuySellAds (DFP or Adzerk), and create an ad zone.

Supported Ad Servers

  • Google DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Adzerk

Steps Required To Configure Targeting

  1. Log In to Your BuySellAds Account.
    BuySellAds Login Button
  2. Navigate To Your Inventory Page.
    Select Inventory From Menu
  3. Find The Ad Zone You Would Like To Update With State Targeting. Click the gear icon and select Settings
    Edit The Ad Zone
  4. In The New Window, Click The Targeting Tab.
  5. Click The Edit Button Next To The State Targeting Label.
  6. Optional: Enable All States By Checking The Enable All States Checkbox.
  7. Optional: Set A Default Price Modifier. This Modifier Will Be Set For All States Without Custom Modifiers Set Below.
  8. Select The State You Wish To Target
  9. Set The Modifier For Your State
  10. Click Save State Targets