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New Invoices

Last Updated on November 30, 2016

Manual Invoice Creation

  1. Log In To BuySellAds
  2. Click Your Username
  3. Select Inventory
  4. Click The New Invoice Button
  5. Input The Company Information In The To Field
  6. Fill Out The Invoice Details, Including Sponsor, Campaign, Agency, Invoice Number, Order Number, PO Number, Issued Date, and Due Date.
  7. Input the line items.
  8. (Optional) Click the Add Line Item button for secondary items.
  9. Enter Custom Notes For The Invoice.
  10. The Invoice Will Be Saved Automatically During Creation (A Dialog Will Appear In The Bottom Right Corner Of The Browser If The Invoice Is Still Being Saved)

Self-Serve Direct Invoice Creation

If an advertiser has selected “invoice” while checking out through self-servce direct, invoices will be automatically created and fields populated based on the information from their cart orders. This includes advertiser information, campaign information, and order information.

Note: publishers are responsible for collecting and managing invoice accounts.