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Configure DoubleClick For Publishers

Last Updated on December 12, 2016

Self-Serve Direct can integrate with your DoubleClick for Publishers account. Here are the steps you need to take to configure DFP.

Before connecting your BuySellAds account to DoubleClick for Publishers, you need to ensure that DoubleClick for Publishers is prepared to accept communications with Self-Serve Direct by enabling API access in your DoubleClick for Publishers account.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log Into Your DoubleClick for Publishers Account.
    Log In To Google DoubleClick For Publishers
  2. Click The Admin Link In The Main Navigation Bar.
    Select Admin Panel
  3. Click The API Access Toggle.
    DFP API access toggle
  4. Wait For The API Terms And Conditions Modal To Appear.
    DFP Terms And Conditions
  5. Click Accept.
    Accept DFP Terms And Conditions
  6. Confirm That A Green Check Mark Has Appeared.
    API Access Enabled

Connecting Self-Serve Direct To DoubleClick for Publishers

Now that you have enabled access to the DoubleClick for Publishers API, we can begin connecting your Self-Serve Direct account to your DoubleClick for Publishers account. By marrying your two accounts, you’ll be able to begin configuring your ad inventory to take advantage of our DoubleClick for Publishers offerings.

Below is a list of the steps needed to connect Self-Serve Direct to DoubleClick for Publishers:

  1. Log In to Your Self-Serve Direct Account.
    BuySellAds Login Button
  2. Navigate To Your Inventory Page.
    Select Inventory From Menu
  3. Click Settings For The Property You Would Like To Configure.
    Update Your Publication Settings
  4. Scroll To The Ad Server Connection Section. Select DFP (DoubleClick For Publishers) From The Dropdown Menu.
  5. Click Connect With DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP). Note: If successful, the status will be changed to DFP is already connected.
    click the DFP connection button
  6. Give Google Access To Your DoubleClick For Publishers Account. Note: If successful, the status will be changed to DFP is already connected.
  7. After Being Re-Directed Back To Self-Serve Direct, Select Your DoubleClick For Publishers Network.
  8. Click The Save Button.